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Hey there, I’m Isaac. I’ve spent five years working with small business websites and technology, both independently and with a talented web development team. I’ve seen first-hand the challenges that come with managing your website while running your business.

It can be difficult to find a reliable website developer, understand how to read your Google Analytics reports, or set up a website on your own. The world of website management and development is very different from most brick-and-mortar businesses, and it’s easy to get confused and frustrated if you go it on your own.

Don’t let that scare you, though. I’m putting together the ultimate guide to websites for small businesses. It will have everything you need to know to make important decisions, like:

  • How to choose your web developer
  • How to build your own website
  • What those numbers in Google Analytics mean
  • How much you should spend on your website

This guide comes from five years of personal experience working with small business owners, building websites, and feeling the frustrations and trials involved. I want the Ultimate Website Guide to eliminate these problems, answer your questions, and make your website a simple and powerful tool instead of an expensive headache.